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St Petersburg Spanish Academy

St. Petersburg Spanish Academy is committed to providing Spanish language classes to children, parents, and schools in St. Petersburg as and surrounding areas, such as Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Largo, Seminole, Sarasota, and Tampa. Spanish lessons are conveniently offered through our online Spanish program, which brings Spanish language instruction to life in your own home.

We will also be offering on-site instruction at schools throughout the area, such as Bay Vista Elementary, Sanderlin Elementary, Campbell Park Elementary, and Perkins Elementary. We hope to teach at local facilities, such as The Arts Center, the Frank H. Pierce Recreation Center, or even at local day care centers for preschoolers. Eventually we plan to open our own facility for Spanish language instruction in the St. Petersburg area.

Are you a St. Petersburg, Florida, Spanish teacher? Are you a Spanish translator or tutor? Would you share your thoughts on teaching St. Petersburg’s children to speak Spanish? Please tell us your ideas for making language learning fun and effective, using our feedback form on the right side of the page.

As a parent, why do you want your child to learn to speak Spanish? What are your goals for your kids’ language learning? What benefits do you believe they will receive by knowing Spanish? Share your thoughts using in the feedback form.